Find Out About ‘The Man’ That Has Got The People’s Back!

JC The Outsider To Break The Mould
June 3, 2017
If Labour wins it means NHS & EMA back strong & Uni Fees Cut!
June 4, 2017
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Find Out About ‘The Man’ That Has Got The People’s Back!

The UK’s Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn was a 200/1 outsider in the Labour leadership contest two years ago. He defied those odds to win and now he is in the race to be next Prime Minister in the UK’s general election. And many say the odds are stacked against him again.

According to his devoted supporters, his idealism is exactly what the country needs. But to his detractors, he’s made Labour simply unelectable. So who is he, what motivates him and what’s the future of Corbyn now that he and Labour are pulling ever so close to the Torries on this election June 2017.

VOTE LABOUR– Vote for Us the people,the many and NOT for the elite few!

Check out Labour’s manifesto for  a brighter future for the many (on A More Equal Society)-

Check out the Conservatives manifesto for the few-

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