June the 8th 2017 Election Explained

Why Did Theresa May Bring A Snap Election?
June 6, 2017
Fighting For Peace For The People Since 1983!
June 6, 2017
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June the 8th 2017 Election Explained

Ok so we all know that the next general election would have been on 2020however a ‘Snap’ election was brought forward from the current prime minister Therese May. Now lets look at what this election is all about and what parties are involved.

If you like this post please check out the Labour manifesto  voiced by the leader of the labour party and the hope it may bring. http://www.roscomadvertising.com/labour-wins-means-nhs-ema-back-strong-uni-fees-cut/


VOTE LABOUR– Vote for Us the people,the many and NOT for the elite few!

Check out Labour’s manifesto for  a brighter future for the many (on Housing)- http://www.labour.org.uk/index.php/manifesto2017/secure-homes-for-all

Check out the Conservatives manifesto for the few- https://www.conservatives.com/manifesto

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